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Want To Be A Tropical Girl

Good morning It’s 8am in Japan.
I’ll have breakfast after I’ll finish this post.
Pizza smell delicious :O
Today, I started from jacket.
Yeah the colorful tailored jacket from Noar is awesome cute.
I wondered whether I should wear, afro hair or curly hair.
Finally I selected this big curly hair from booN and shades from the same store.
Suede [...]

Cheer Me Up Style

Well as I wrote yesterday, I continued to talk about care bare
The 1st care bear I got was green “Good Luck Bear”.
And the 2nd is pink “Cheer Bear”.
Her misshion is to cheer up people
Today I made pink kawaii style to make myself cheer up

:: I wear… ::
SKIN: Redgrave ~ [...]

Green Card

I love gardening as a pastime.
Of course it is cold winter and my garden is not green now!! (Though im my room white radish sprouts are growing)
In my garden, there I planted raspberry, blueberry and tomato.
Lemon balm, mint, and bergamot, I also love to raise herbs
Yes today’s style I call “Green girl” [...]


My friend Kotobuki of bijou will open her newest SIM on 11th Nov.
She was kind to invite me to her SIM “bijouaholic” to show me the newest line of her stuff.
Today’s style, I don’t wear her new stuff!! Tank and pants are now available in her current main store.
I plan to show you “before and [...]