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Category Archives: Paper Couture

Mademoiselle Noir

Black elegant blouse from Baiastice I selected at first to make today’s style for the family dinner.
Frilly sleeves are elegant.
The shadow and the light of the shirt layer are really natural.
Not too shiny and not too dark.
The sculpted thick belt looks gorgeous.
Sissy of Baiastice also started her shoe line and they are all [...]

Glam Girl With London Heels

Konbanwa Good evening and maybe good morning for many fasionistas
Viola Leigh of Redgrave sent me message that she just released heels!
At first glance, I fell in love with them.
They are too cool, gorgeous, and beautiful.
The straps wrapped around the ankles are so sexy and the shine and shade of them are [...]

Color Me Warm, Let Me Warm You

For me, multi-layered style is so hard to make.
Today, I heard that one of my favorites stores, “WaRnth18″ had announced their close…
In SL I’ve missed so many stores I ever loved to shop.
I made up my mind to make today’s style only with thier outfits.
At first, I selected this cool kilt skirt.
I was wondering if [...]