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West End Girls

English literature was my major in college.
Since under school age, I have been a book addict.
Emily Brontë, D.H.Lawrence, Conrad, Forster, Joyce…I really love English literature.
After graduated from college, I had worked in some college in London as a teacher assistant of Japanese professor.
London is my second hometown.
After returned from UK, I used to sleep with [...]

Fur + Crocodile = Gorgeous

Today, I wear gorgeous fur coat set by Icemocolo & Migi Voom.
All stylists are always worrried about “layers” cause we should mix and match to make styles.
I often sigh when I open the box of some shirts or tank and find that there is only jacket layer.
This set consists of 11 layers and 11 prim [...]

Pink Ribbon

Yesterday I was modeling for the runway show of Make Over Magic organized by FACES to celebrate the re-opening of ACS SIM.
This style I made for the show.In SL, there are so many people who are now suffered from several kinds of illness.I had made friends with a survivor, introduced by ACS and we shared [...]