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No Cachet, No Fashion vol.3 – Dietrich Style

Yes, it is Dietrich Style.

Marlene Dietrich is as you know, German legendary actress and singer in 1920s.

Her decadently beauty still fascinates us.

Many actress and musicians like Madonna are influenced by her.

Dietrich shirt and tie from Cachet inspired me to make manish and classical style.

“Morocco” is one of Marlene’s masterpieces.

In the movie, she is a beauty in male attire.

I love decadence and in RL, I often wear mens’ clothings in male attire.

Today’s look is just as I am in RL ;) Though my hair is brown in RL.

Anyway it is strange that a beret works well in manish look and also in school girl style.

I used to wear black baret when I was a high school girl.

The uniform of our high school was designed by a French nun who came to Japan to propagate Christianity.

If you feel that today’s Dietrich style look like a school girl, maybe because this beret reminded me of my school days.

:: I wear.. ::


SKIN: MMS ~ London Fair makeup8b
HAIR: MMShair ~ Ava – Beach Blond


SHIRT: Cachet ~ DIETRICH-shirt/white/
SKIRT: Cachet-SOLANGE skirt/dark
TIE: Cachet ~ DIETRICH-tie/color scripted/
SOCKS: Cachet ~ Nicolette dress Socks (gray)
BAG: Cachet ~ CLUTCHbag/ZEBRA_chain/_scripted
BELT: –shu*shu– ~ DOT BELT
BERET: Decollage ~ Oh So French Beret.
HEEL: (LUCE) ~ coron – Hard Black –
STUDS: *Muism* ~ Jewelled Stud/ [5mm]

Style/Model/Photography: Emi Bade


  1. lyndzaym wrote:

    Another great Look Emi. I love that skirt, I’ve made it the center piece of a look that I’ve been wearing lately :)

    you make everything look fabulous :)

    Monday, December 22, 2008 at 4:31 PM | Permalink
  2. Emi Bade wrote:

    Thank you lyndzaym!!!
    I love this skirt too :D

    Oh I am still learning how to mix and match.
    There found so many fashionistas who show awesome styles.
    They are all my teachers :)
    Anyway, I just set my X’mad tree in my RL room :) )

    Tuesday, December 23, 2008 at 10:52 AM | Permalink

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