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Something About My FlickLife

As many of you know, I started flickr on 4th May.
Before getting the account of it, I had some photoshootings with my friend, Takashi.

I want to write about the photoshooting with him today.
It was simple reason that he wanted to support me as a photographer.
I can’t use photoshop, so I had used to uploaded “unretouched” photos on my blog.
He has been my friend in RL.
Actually he had known about my activities in SL since before he joined SL.
Of course I had shown him my snapshots taken in SL.
At that time, I was not a model.
The snapshots were simply taken to store my memories in SL.
The angle, colors, and even clothings I wore were horrible, cause I had no interest in them.
Maybe you guess, he has been worked in some creative field in RL.
He had always enjoyed seeing my unretouched bad snapshots cause he had no knowledge about SL.

Just when he joined SL, we did not do something together cause I was too busy managing Gothic SIM as a secretary, and he had his own interest to seek some fun in virtual world.

The chance came suddenly to us to go on the same way together.
In Feb 2008, I was selected as a model for Glam magazine fashion show.
I had no model experiences.
I had no portfolios.
I sent simple snapshots to Aradia, the talented lady whom I have respected as a model, brand manager, and organizer of fashion events in SL.
She is my Diva.
She picked me up to the top fashion world in SL.

For a model, showing people the look of own style is so important.
I started my own blog like other models in SL.
The blog title “ReMyself” is a word which I had created when I had worked with Takashi in RL.
It means “I was reborn and refreshed myself to start new life”.
Life as a model is for me, the true second life.

Since I am too lazy I’ve seldom bloged.
Takashi has often telephoned me “Blog Emi!”.
If he is not in SL, I blog few few few times.

He had sometimes complained about my unretouched photos on blog.
He had even sent me retouched photos to change the photos in my articles.
I appreciated his kindness.

We used to talk about the fashion and art world in SL.
The photos of Minnu Palen and Miabella Foxley inspired him a lot.
It is my honor that I’ve been modeling for both of them.
I showed their flickrs and magazine to him, talking about the infinite possibility of virtual world art.
As same as most Japanese residents, he can’t communicate with people in English.
He had always seen the fashion and art world from outside of it as a foreigner.

Recently I talk to him about the photoshootings with talented photographers.
He is so pleased to hear that.
Creative people are always greedy for artistic inspirations.

I decided to start flickr to show our photos taken by me or him.
The style of our photoshooting is far from commercially.
The aim is mainly to portray ordinally life of ordinally people.
They seem so private.

We usually talk about music, movies and some art in RL.
One day, I recommend some music to him cause I’m mad in music.
Listening to the music, we talk how we feel.
“So mellow”"Too funny”"Damn stupid!”
We discuss about the scene which we imagine from the music.
Color, time, place and the feelings of trackmaker.
“Ok, we start preparing for photoshooting!”
We log in SL, finding place and selecting outfits and other items for it.

The pastel colored photos which are our favorites were taken after listening our fav music and talking about our school days.
We slip back in our youth in SL, taking those photos.
Some locations in SL reminds us of our experiences in RL.
We take photos to describe them.

The praises on him on flickr confused him a little.
As same as some other creators, he loves quiet second life, released from busy real life.
As same as some other fashionistas, I love exiting second life and I’ll keep working in exciting fashion events in SL, forgetting my busy real life.
We continue to taking photos as a hobby or our adventures in SL.

Dress – AOHARU
Hair – Shop seu
Hat – Tesla


  1. Mavi wrote:

    Wow Emi, the pictures in this post are absolutely breathtaking. I have never seen anything like this, they remind me of impressionist painters which I so love. Thank you for this awesome post.

    Thursday, May 15, 2008 at 6:54 PM | Permalink
  2. Mariya Nesiote wrote:

    Lovely pictures, lovely post and a lovely song, Emi. I really enjoyed reading this :)


    Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 8:21 PM | Permalink
  3. Emi Bade wrote:

    Thank you Mavi!!
    And sorry for my late reply XD
    Yeah I love to go around to see the galleries in RL.
    I ever worked in an antique gallery.

    Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 8:57 PM | Permalink
  4. Emi Bade wrote:

    Thank you Mavi!!
    And sorry for my late reply XD
    Yeah I love to go around to see the galleries in RL.
    I ever worked in an antique gallery.

    Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 8:57 PM | Permalink
  5. Emi Bade wrote:

    Thank you mariya :) )
    It is one of my fav song in Japan.
    I usually listen to house music but sometimes enjoy RnB to relax :)

    Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 8:59 PM | Permalink

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